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It's been 10 months since Texas State University student Jason Landry went missing while driving home for the holidays and with few leads, authorities revealed how they are continuing their search with drone imaging in an ongoing effort to find him.

In the 301 days since his disappearance, 31,000 acres have been combed with six search parties for the student. Landry's car was found crashed off Salt Flat Road near Luling with the lights still on, keys still in the ignition and all his personal belongings—cell phone, wallet, backpack and clothes—still inside.

According to investigators, 21-year-old Landry left his San Marcos apartment at 10:55 p.m. on Dec. 13, 2020, using app Waze for directions. Landry opened Snapchat at one point and his GPS tracking stopped, leaving the last traces at the intersection of Austin Street and U.S. Highway 183 or Magnolia Avenue.

Investigators joined forces with Texas State Criminology Researcher Dr. Kim Rossmo to put together a drone imaging program that will be able to detect inconsistencies in the landscape, like clothing, and cover more ground.

Caldwell County Sheriff's Office Investigator Jeff Ferry said they can tell the program to look for things like color variations, fabrics and articles of clothing. Investigators believe Landry was naked, making it difficult to zero in on what he was wearing, so instead, they are searching for the color white in the area where he went missing to find bone fragments.

From there, investigators can visit the site to determine what set the program off. So far, 86 points of interest have been found.

Investigators say they have nothing to indicate that a crime is connected to Landry's disappearance based on social media and evidence on-scene.

Investigators also said that they found a "useable" amount of marijuana inside his backpack but DEA lab tests did not find any other substance inside the weed. For now, investigators believe Landry exited the vehicle of his own accord.

A seventh search is planned in the coming weeks.



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