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Trace Jansen broke a 30-year-record on the largest fish caught in Lake Travis and helped bring over 10,000 selectively-bred fish to the lake. (Toyota ShareLunker Program/Facebook)

Lake Travis is getting a shipment of 10,000 selectively-bred bass fingerlings thanks to a 15-year-old who's 15.32-lb largemouth bass catch in March broke a nearly 30-year record.

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(Yard Bar/Instagram)

It's no secret that Austin loves its dogs—with the most dog-friendly restaurants per capita in one of the most dog-enthusiastic cities in the world, it would probably be harder to find a restaurant that doesn't allow dogs than those that do.

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Esperanza is said to be the oldest chicken in Austin. (Edward Gottschalk)

Austin is quickly becoming the land of influencers—including those of the feathered variety.

Esperanza, a 12-year-old chicken from Austin's Highland neighborhood, has a reputation that precedes her. According to her owner, Edward Gottschalk, there's a solid chance she's the oldest chicken in Austin.

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Clementine is one of three goats who lives in the side yard of the historic Zimmerli-Rosenquist home in Hyde Park. (Emma Freer)

Retirees. Dog walkers. Preschoolers. Joggers. They all stop at the corner of 41st Street and Avenue G in Hyde Park to marvel at the side-yard mini farm, home to 12 nameless chickens and three goats: Clementine, Rosebud and Billy Budd.

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