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Concertgoers shaken after Astroworld crowd surge that left 8 dead and hundreds injured

Travis Scott's third Astroworld festival resulted in a crowd surge that killed eight and injured hundreds more on Saturday. (Astroworld/Twitter)

Thousands of concert attendees were left reeling after a tragedy at Travis Scott's Astroworld performance left eight dead and hundreds more wounded in a crowd frenzy in Houston on Friday night.

Scott's third annual Astroworld festival was canceled a night early after the deadly crowd surge.

Those at the concert told horrific tales of unconscious bodies falling on top of one another, screams for help and teenagers desperately performing CPR on passed-out concertgoers. Austin resident Kathryn Alonzo said the crowd was already suffocating just a few minutes into the performance.

"I only lasted about 10 minutes into his set until I decided that I need to get out," Alonzo said. "The crowd was swaying so bad that I almost lost my footing multiple times and it was getting hard for me to breathe. It was so scary."

Alonzo said her friends who stayed in the crowd had an even more life-threatening experience.

"When I finally reunited with my group, my friend told us that he saw two people die in front of him and no one tried to help him as he was trying to give one of the people CPR," Alonzo said.

There were tales of desperate heroism—former Marine Lucas Naccarati told CNN he administered CPR to two passed out concertgoers and said he'd "never seen a mass amount of bodies dropping that fast before." Texas A&M student Seanna Faith said in a viral Instagram post that she saw passed out attendees fall on top of one another and nearly fell herself before she was pulled up and climbed aboard a platform to ask a nearby cameraman to stop the show.

Many described the scene as "demonic" and "evil." Faith, who was captured on video pleading with the cameraman, said the man ignored the interaction even as she pushed the camera towards those who were dying. Faith said another man threatened to push her off the platform as the crowd began to boo at her.

Other videos, including those depicting fans dancing on top of an ambulance and security golf carts reveal a chilling scene as the concert continued on.

Scott and Astroworld organizer Live Nation, which is also a majority owner of Austin City Limits' C3 Presents, have released statements after the Friday night tragedy.

But many say that's not enough. Although Scott reportedly stopped the concert for around 20 seconds to acknowledge that someone needed an ambulance, the Houston rapper also reportedly told the crowd he wanted to "make the ground shake" after two men spoke to him on stage.

"You know what you came here for," Scott said on video.

In another viral video, Scott apparently watched and continued to sing as an unconscious person was carried out of the crowd.

Others, including Alonzo, say poor security also attributed to the deaths. Earlier in the day, hundreds stormed the VIP security checkpoint, leaving some injured. It proved to be grim foreshadowing for what was to come.

According to Houston mayor Sylvester Turner, seven of the eight victims varied from ages 14 to 27, with one of the victim's ages not yet known. At least 300 others were treated in a field hospital nearby. Twenty-five attendees were later taken to the hospital and 13 are still receiving treatment. Five of those currently in the hospital are under the age of 18.

But for those who left injured or worse, Turner said an investigation is ongoing to see what went wrong.

"We'll continue to talk to Travis Scott's people," the Houston mayor said. "We'll talk to as many witnesses as we can who were present last night. We're talking with those individuals who have been hospitalized to try to get a much better understanding of what took place, what went wrong, where were the missteps."

Alonzo told Austonia she and her friends are shaken but unscathed and hopes that Scott and concert organizers learn from the incident.

"I just hope that when and if Travis Scott decides to play another concert that he encourages his fans to be more considerate and helpful of each other," Alonzo said. "This rager culture that he promotes has gone too far."


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