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On Barton Springs and S. Lamar, workers dug deep to fix the issue in the road this week. (Laura Figi/Austonia)

As Austin's "icepocalypse" melts into the rearview mirror, though day-to-day life has mostly resumed, the city has a long, arduous recovery process ahead. It seems as though no area was immune to the damage inflicted by the historic winter storm.

Apartment complexes struggled, pipes broke, churches flooded and people were displaced from their homes, jobs and families for nearly a week.

Though much of downtown was less affected during the storm, Gables West Avenue sustained major damage to the clubhouse.

Zilker Elementary School was surrounded by a perimeter of fallen branches and leaves due to the storm on Thursday. (Laura Figi/Austonia)

Early into the storm, Gables West Avenue had at least two pipes break.(Laura Figi/Austonia)

Plants are in a dire state—most regional plants are not meant to be exposed to such extreme weather.(Laura Figi/Austonia)

Although the Retreat apartment complex on South Lamar has had its essentials restored, leasing manager Emma Riggins said every building in the complex had some sort of pipe freeze or burst.(Laura Figi/Austonia)

An entire building at the Retreat was blocked off due to damage.(Laura Figi/Austonia)

Joe, a landscaper working on the property, said all areas of Austin got hit hard by tree damage. He estimates it will take about a month to clean up the whole city.(Laura Figi/Austonia)

Pearl Lantana Leasing Agent Lisa Messenger said, "it's been the storm of the century" for the complex, which has brought in repair companies from out of state to fix the complex.(Laura Figi/Austonia)

The complex is still having issues fixing pipes and getting hot water to some residents, but 444 out of 500 apartments are back in working order as of Friday.(Laura Figi/Austonia)

Marble Falls Church of Christ estimates that after the building flooded, the repair costs will be above $600,000. (Photo courtesy of Greg Neill)

Preaching minister Greg Neill said he was amazed at how the community came together to help the church take care of damage. (Photo courtesy of Greg Neill)

The road to recovery is long but thankfully, the worst is over.


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