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Austinites pay more on household bills than any other Texas City

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Location is everything and that's especially true for Austinites, who are paying more in everyday household bills than any other city in Texas according to a recent study.

The study, conducted by bill management company Doxo, found that the average Austinite spends $2,300 per month on the "10 most common household bills," while the average Texan pays $1,888 monthly. The average American spends $1,889 per month on necessities.

Austin topped Breham, where residents spend $2,182, Dallas, where residents spend $2,103, and Houston, where residents spend $2,080. Last on the list in Zapata, in the Rio Grande Valley, where monthly bills amount to $1,247.


Doxo broke spending down into the following categories: mortgage, rent, auto loans, utilities, cell phone, cable and satellite, security systems, and auto, health and life insurances.

Austin is famous for its skyrocketing real estate prices, so it should come as no surprise that the average homeowner spends almost $700 more on their mortgage per month than other Texans. At an average $1,903 per month spent on mortgage payments, where Texans average $1,279, the majority of Austin residents' funds go to housing.

The situation is a bit better when it comes to renters, who spend about $1,298 per month in Austin. The average Texan renter spends about $1,062 per month, comparatively.

As for auto loans and insurance, locals are about par for the course. Austinites may spend $457 on loans, compared to $411 statewide, but residents are actually saving money on auto insurance. The average Texan pays about $185 for their car insurance while Austin pays about $173.

Life insurance follows the same track, with nearly identical price points at $86 monthly in Austin and $88 across the state. However, Austinites pay $160 on average for health insurance, almost 50% more than the average of $113.

Say what you will about Austin's tree-hugging roots but residents spend much less money on utilities than the rest of the state. Where Texans spend $316 per month in our incredibly hot state, Austinites pay $170 monthly.

Satellite and phone bills fall near the average, $125 and $96 per month, respectively in Austin, whereas Texans pay $115 for satellite and $102 for cell phone service. Finally, Austin pays just a touch more on security, $108, than Texans, who pay around $87.

While spending in some categories falls below other Texas cities, Austin pays about 22% more than the national average. That's the price you pay to live in the capital city!

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