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Austin gets its own Hollywood sign at 360 Bridge

(Blake Messick/YouTube)

Austin never looked more like Los Angeles as onlookers from the Pennybacker Bridge could see six white letters spelling out "Austin," similar to the iconic Hollywood sign, earlier this month.

The DIY project was the work of YouTuber Blake Messick. In a YouTube video, he shares his process of making the letters and how he and his friends got it up a cliff.

Since some say Austin is the Los Angeles of Texas, Messick took it upon himself to add a bit of LA. While not from California himself, Messick acknowledges locals are not fans of the Californian comparisons but said he just likes the sign.

"I say we take the coolest things from every city and start building it here in Austin," he said. "Yes, our rents are going up, yes, everything is getting really expensive and it's really hard to live here, but we might as well make the most of it."

Over the course of two days, Messick used his little engineering knowledge from college and $300 to build the 7-foot letters. Then after scouting the area, he gathered his buddies to hike the letters up the cliff in the middle of the night.

Hours later, the group drenched in sweat had properly secured the letters using wire to tie around rocks. The group employed a makeshift security system with a sign and camera to avoid any vandals.

The sign was up for three days before the group took it down.

"It looks like a couple of 20-year-olds on a limited budget did it—but they did, that's the truth," Messick said.


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