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Surprise! Austin is a great place to live, and now you can prove it.

According to a study by Numbeo, Austin currently has the third-highest quality of life index in the nation, first in Texas and sixth across the entire world. The study measures purchasing power, safety, health care, cost of living, property price, traffic commute, pollution and climate.


Topping the list, Australians enjoy the highest quality of life in the world, with Canberra and Adelaide (Austin's sister city) claiming the first and third slots, respectively. Only two U.S. cities topped Austin: Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina.

As for purchasing power, the top three spots in the world were secured by all Texas cities: Dallas followed by Houston and Austin. With a score of 155.45, Austinites have the agency to spend but the city starts running into trouble when you look at the cost of living index.

Austin tanked when it came to cost of living, coming in 138th place with a score of 65.98—lower than every other Texas city except Dallas, which placed 140th. Austin dropped even further when it came to property price to income ratio, just a few slots away from the bottom of the list.

For property price to income ratio, Detroit came in first with a score of 1.44, the lower the better in this category. Austin ranked the least affordable city in Texas at 29th place with a low score of 3.45. Austin was among the ranks of Chicago and Philadelphia.

It also turns out that Austinites have a justified excuse to complain about traffic congestion—according to the study, Austin has the 131st worst traffic out of 249. But it could be worse, Houston and Dallas suffer more congestion than Austin.

Austin definitely has some room for improvement when it comes to pollution, where it came in 76th place. You'll have to tell that to the rest of the cities in Texas, which came in much lower. Dallas hit 98th place, San Antonio came in 111th and Houston was 148th.

Although nearly all Texas cities fell to the middle of the list for the climate index, Houston has the best climate in Texas according to the list, in 90th place, followed by Austin in 119th, Dallas in 121st and San Antonio in 131st place.

So next time you wonder if Austin is losing its charm, remember that it is one of the happiest places in the world to live!


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