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Local graduates can enjoy the fourth-best city in America to start a career if they stay in Austin. (CC)

Good news for graduates: Austin is the fourth-best city in the U.S. to start your career, according to a WalletHub study.

In Austin, it's common for people to stay in the Capital City after attending The University of Texas, St. Edward's University or another surrounding college. It's the quality of life and professional opportunities that keep graduates here, at least that's what the study says.

WalletHub ranked 182 cities across the country on 28 different metrics to determine which were the bests for new professionals. Austin ranked fourth overall and was No. 1 in quality of life and 22nd in professional opportunities.

Source: WalletHub

Austin dwarfed other Texas cities on the list, with Irving the next highest in 28th place. The No.1 city for new careers was Salt Lake City, Utah, followed by Orlando, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.

Other emerging tech hubs were lower on the list. Denver, Colorado sat at 19th place, Charlotte, North Carolina made 30th place, and Miami, FL was ranked 77th. California cities were plagued with low affordability, and the highest-ranked city was San Francisco in 25th place.


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Austin could no longer host the United States Grand Prix if a ten-year contract isn't renewed at Circuit of the Americas. (Circuit of the Americas/Facebook)

In May, Circuit of the Americas chairman Bobby Epstein looked back on 10 years of Formula 1's U.S. Grand Prix at COTA confident that the race would be here to stay in Texas. But sources tell Austonia that securing another contract may be in jeopardy.

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