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After two years of no in-person events, Austin festival South by Southwest has agreed to give 50% of ownership to P-MRC, a Los Angeles company that controls publishing operations for Rolling Stone and Billboard.

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Years before the city of Austin went Verde, thousands of the city's soccer fans formed a supporters' group—MLS in Austin—for a team that didn't even exist yet.

Now, as the team's catchphrase suggests, those same fans are #LISTOS as they prepare to see their team on national television at Austin FC's debut on Saturday.

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Barton Springs Pool is one of many places to spend your day at this spring for under $10 a person.

Austin is one of those cities filled with fun activities for anyone and everyone—even if you're on a budget. Whether you're looking for some fun drinking or you want to spend a day in nature, Austin has you covered with some bizarre and other tranquil entertainment options for the best day ever.

Here are 9 activities under $10 you should try in Austin.

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(City of Austin Government/Facebook)

Austin voters will decide starting Monday whether to change the city of Austin's government from a strong-manager system to a strong-mayor one. The controversial proposal stems from a citizen-led petition organized by the political action committee Austinites for Progressive Reform, whose members argue that a strong-mayor system, sometimes called a mayor-council system, would empower voters, correct the Jim Crow-era origins of the current system and better position the city to address intractable issues such as homelessness.

But a diverse, and unlikely, coalition of opponents has formed to defend the current strong-manager, or council-manager, system. Labor leaders, environmental groups, business interests, criminal justice reform activists and most council members have denounced Proposition F, which they fear will create a power imbalance between the mayor and council and erode the gains of the 10-1 system.

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