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10 local fried chicken sandwiches that will melt your heart

The Chicken Sandwich from Dai Due (Isabella Lopes)

From cheap eats to barbecue paradise, and cultural phenomenons to comfort foods, there is no question that Austin is a hub spot to some amazing food places. Yet, despite all the good food, it can be a challenge to find that perfect chicken sandwich. So we did the work for you and found the top 10 fried chicken sandwiches in Austin.

From a take on the southern classic to a plant-based chicken sandwich, Austin has all the spots you need for a perfect bite of crispy, chicken goodness.

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Tumble22 Chicken Joint, 7211 Burnet Road

The Original Chicken Sandwich at Tumble22 (Isabella Lopes)

Sometimes not straying from tradition is the perfect way to execute a classic, and Tumble22's take on a fried chicken sandwich is exactly that. A crispy chicken breast topped with coleslaw, bread-n-butter pickled and duke's mayo on a buttered bun for an ultimate bite of comfort and Southern tradition. The restaurant offers a small and original-sized sandwich and different levels of hotness from a "wimpy" to "stupid hot" scale, so don't miss out on the delicious dish from Tumble22.

Spicy Boys, 1701 E. 6th St.

The Hot Gai at Spicy Boys (Isabella Lopes)

If you haven't yet visited Spicy Boys, you're missing out on a unique blend of spices and flavor profiles that will have you wanting more. The food truck offers three different sandwich options: "The OG" with basil ranch and papaya relish, sweet chili honey, scallion and crispy shallots; "The Hot Gai" with pickles, massaman mayonnaise, Thai basil and Swiss cheese; and the "V Spicy Gai" with spicy ranch, spicy marinated cucumber on a chili toasted bun.

Thai Fresh, 909 W. Mary St.

The Chicken Sandwich at Thai Fresh (Isabella Lopes)

Besides offering deliciously curated Thai food with seasonal and local ingredients, Thai Fresh has a chicken sandwich that will fill your taste buds with unique flavors for a mouthwatering bite. Topped with lime chili mayo and spicy pickles, this runner up for the tastiest chicken sandwich in town is not one that should be overlooked.

Dai Due, 2406 Manor Road

The Chicken Sandwich at Dai Due

Dai Due's fried chicken sandwich is no joke. With crispy, double dredged and fried chicken breast, chile morita mayonnaise and pickled watermelon on a bun toasted in ghee, this chicken sandwich will have you thinking "dang," as you devour the entire thing. Don't let the overwhelming uncertainty of flavors make you think this chicken sandwich isn't a winner, because one bite will not be enough and the delicious crispness of the chicken coincides perfectly with everything else.

Lucy's Fried Chicken, multiple locations

The Chicken Sandwich at Lucy's Fried Chicken (Isabella Lopes)

As we previously stated, there's nothing wrong with tradition if it's perfectly executed. Since Lucy's Fried Chicken is known for its fried chicken, it's no surprise their chicken sandwich, made simply with lettuce, onion, tomato and mayo, is a delicious bite of crispy tradition. If you're wanting to opt for something healthier, try their grilled chicken sandwich. If you're wanting to opt for something unhealthier, yet equally as tasty, add cheese.

Bird Bird Biscuit, 2701 Manor Road

The Queen Beak at Bird Bird Biscuit (Isabella Lopes)

Besides providing Austinites with delicious buttermilk biscuits, Bird Bird Biscuit has a variety of chicken sandwiches that are out of this world in crispiness and flavor. The Queen Beak, with spiced and breaded chicken, cayenne black pepper honey and bacon-infused chipotle mayo on a buttermilk biscuit is a prime example of what the local joint has to offer. The two other fried chicken sandwich options include the "Firebird," with spiced chicken breast, dill mayo, spicy sweet pickles and cilantro and the "Theodore" with spiced chicken breast, bacon, bbq sauce and cheddar cheese.

Fowl Mouth, 8504 S. Congress Ave.

The Fried Chicken sandwich at Fowl Mouth (Isabella Lopes)

Fowl Mouth food truck at The Far Out Lounge and Stage, is in a perfect location to serve flavorsome food, music and chicken sandwich lovers. The new food truck offers a menu of chicken, traditional Southern sides and vegan options for all foodies in town. Fowl Mouth's fried chicken sandwich, with shaved kale, pickled jalapeno aioli and the option to add pickles and tomatoes, is a tasty bite perfect to enjoy at any and all live music performances.

Little Ola's Biscuits (Olamaie), 1610 San Antonio St.

The Fried Chicken Biscuit at Little Ola's Biscuits (Isabella Lopes)

A little sister to Austin's Southern food spot Olamaie,Little Ola's Biscuits features the beloved flaky biscuits in chicken sandwich form to provide you with an ultimate food craze. The traditional fried chicken sandwich, with Texas honey on a flaky biscuit is the perfect amount of sweet, savory and crispy to indulge all your taste buds. Little Ola's Biscuits also offers a spicy fried chicken biscuit, with spicy cayenne chili-garlic oil and benne seeds on a flaky biscuit.

Sundaze, 4304 Clawson Road

The Spicy Boi at Sundaze (Isabella Lopes)

While at first glance the chicken sandwich above looks nothing out of the ordinary, Sundaze provides vegetarians and vegans with a delicious sandwich choice of their own. The plant-based fried chicken sandwiches are a perfect choice for anyone looking for an amazing bite to eat, regardless if you eat chicken or not. Choose between the "Original NFC" with lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion and a side of sauce; the "Spicy Boi," tossed in habanero and drizzled with a curry aioli; the "Buffalo-style sandwich," tossed in buffalo sauce with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion and a side of vegan ranch; or the "Slim Crispy," two thin patties with BBQ, ranch, lettuce and tomato.

Project Pollo, 1401 Rosewood Ave.

The Spicy Project at Project Pollo

Project Pollo is another great location in Austin if you're craving a chicken sandwich but don't eat meat. The menu offers four different crispy plant-based chicken sandwiches: the "Original Project" topped with aioli and dill pickles; the "Deluxe," with bacon, lettuce, tomato and smoked Gouda cheese; the "Spicy Project," with spicy garlic buffalo sauce, ranch and a pickled jalapeno; and the "Pico de Pollo," with credo cashew queso and fresh pico de gallo. Whether you're in need of a traditional tasting chicken sandwich or a more elaborate take on the dish, Project Pollo has you covered.


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