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Austin saw its 60th homicide of 2021 on Sunday, a 60-year high for the growing city.

After two back-to-back homicides early Sunday morning, Austin reached a 60-year high of 60 homicides this year.

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San Jac Saloon's outdoor doors were stolen a few weeks back. (Pedram Amini)

Have you seen San Jac Saloon's doors? Because co-owner Pedram Amini is offering a $500 reward to whoever can bring his missing custom-made treasure back.

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Gov. Greg Abbott drew criticism from saying he will "eliminate rape" in the wake of new abortion restrictions. (YouTube)

At a signing for Texas' newest voting laws Tuesday, Gov. Greg Abbott offered an ambitious—and perplexing—statement: in response to concerns that the state's newest abortion law would ban rape and incest victims from having access to abortions past six weeks, Abbott said he and the state would work to "eliminate rape."

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(Alan Cleaver/CC)

Austin's homicide count jumped up to 55 for the year, with three homicides under investigation from this week alone, putting 2021 as the highest year for murder cases in almost 40 years.

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