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The Cybertruck was spotted at the Fremont test track on Friday. (ChileAI100/YouTube)

In a newly released video of what appears to be the Tesla Cybertruck on the Fremont, California test track, the long-anticipated EV has some new features, including different mirrors, front lights and a long vertical windshield wiper.

A view of the Cybertruck was captured via drone and posted to YouTube by user ChileAI100 Friday. While this isn't the final version of the truck, as CEO Elon Musk clarified on Twitter, this is the latest design and the first time the public has witnessed the new features.

The futuristic truck gained side mirrors, as well as a long windshield wiper not seen in the original design. It also swapped out the long single front headlight for two headlights.

The design for the windsheild included a plan for laser-powered wipers. The wiper seen in the drone video is not unlike the one that had been patented for intended use on the next-gen Roadster.

Musk has also talked about the design, saying the dimensions would be tweaked but that the revisions would be less than 3%. And patents indicate Tesla may have considered solar panel installation on the Cybertruck’s tonneau.

Announced in 2019, the Cybertruck will be manufactured at the company’s headquarters in southeast Travis County. But production has hit some delays. In a tweet last week, Musk said that it would be rolled out to external beta if significant issues weren’t found during the internal release.

In conversation with the Wall Street Journal on Monday, he said that Tesla is aiming for full volume production of the truck in 2023. Since then, wording on the Cybertruck ordering page changed to remove the indication that it would be produced in 2022. Reservation holders, the page says, can complete their orders “as production nears.”

Previous test track spottings include the Model S Plaid, which was seen on the track about five months ahead of deliveries. The Tesla Semi, which could see initial deliveries soon, was also on the track earlier this year.


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