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Dell Technologies announces partnership with the new Moody Center. (Dell)

As the new Moody Center comes to life, homegrown tech giant, Dell Technologies, announced it is the premier founding partner for the new venue that will replace the Frank C. Erwin Center for Austin events and Austin entertainment.

The Moody Center, located at 2001 Robert Dedman Drive, will be the new home for University of Texas events, including graduation and basketball games, along with acting as a multi-purpose facility for the city that will serve for concerts and other events.

Through the partnership, just outside a section of the facility will be Dell Technologies Plaza, a place for post-game shows and community events. Dell will also donate tickets for Longhorns basketball games to the Boy & Girls Club of the Austin area.

It's been a long time coming for the Moody Center, which was first announced in December 2018; it broke ground one year later. It has since started booking shows for its debut in 2022, starting with pop sensation The Weeknd for April 2022. The facility, named after the Moody Foundation, will be able to expand to 15,000 seats.

In a live virtual media conversation with Senior Vice President of Global Brand and Experiential at Dell Liz Matthews, C3 Presents Partner Charles Attal said he sees the Moody Center changing Austin from a place world-class bands used to skip on tours to being the world-class venue they book multiple dates for.

Matthews said aside from the Moody Center maintaining Austin's music scene, it was important to Dell that it be an inclusive environment that will host women's basketball games, along with men's.

In the same conversation, UT's Minister of Culture Matthew McConaughey, who helped up with the vision of the facility, said the Moody Center is making wins—furthering the women's basketball program and bringing big-time bands to Austin—sustainable in the city for years to come. McConaughey quoted UT Athletic Director Chris Del Conte in what he see's the Moody Center being: "It should be the first place that a world-class band should want to come play, and the last place that a visiting basketball wants to come play."


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