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Boomtown Austin loves electric vehicles. With more than 7,000 electric vehicles registered in Austin, the city is a front-runner in catering to eco-friendly transportation.

A recent study by STORAGECafé ranked Austin No. 4 for its EV infrastructure with 0.7 charging stations per 1,000 households. The study was conducted based on 14 key metrics, including the number of EVs owned, the number of public and residential charging stations, the cost of an eGallon, and dedicated HOV and HOT lanes for EVs.

The capital city ranked below three California cities with Los Angeles leading the pack, followed by San Jose and San Francisco. In fact, the West Coast swept every category of the study for electric vehicles, leading the charge toward the EV trend.

Housing has stepped up to the plate to accommodate the growing number of vehicles by providing over 570 public charging stations in the city, according to the latest data. Coming after California's LA and Florida's Cape Coral, Austin apartment complexes sit at the 10th-highest ranked metro location for charging stations with 6.2% of renters having charging stations. That's practically doubling the national average of 3.2% of rentals claiming this feature.

Austin's EV infrastructure is only expected to increase as Elon Musk is building his next Tesla Gigafactory in southeast Travis County. The $1.1 billion facility will produce the new Cybertruck, Modle Y and batteries for Teslas.

Tesla claims three of the top five spots of EVs owned in Austin.


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