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Gen Z is choosing Austin over other tech hubs like Denver and NYC


Austin is winning over zoomers, zillennials and other young talent as they settle here at the start of their careers.

LinkedIn data shows millions of entry-level hires and found that Austin had a whopping 21% increase in entry-level hiring between 2020 and 2021—beating out others like Denver which saw a nearly 12% rise and New York City with an almost 11% increase.

With technology and information listed as the top industry in Austin, LinkedIn also notes that the top hiring companies included General Motors, Amazon and Dell.

For a data center sales executive at Dell Technologies that LinkedIn talked to, Austin was the goal even before graduating in 2020. Jack Chamberlin was attending the University of Arizona, and decided that he wanted to make a move here after a short trip.

“Two of my best friends were interning for Oracle and IBM here in Austin, so I visited them for a couple of weeks, got a pulse for the city, fell in love with it and then I decided going into senior year," he said. "I want to be in Austin. It's just a matter of how I'm going to get there."

While early-career workers are getting some experience under their belt in Austin, some may not stick around amid soaring rents and costs of living. For others, like Chamberlin who is from San Francisco and wants to live there again someday, Austin is a nice stop along the way.

“I think because Austin is such a community of transplants, everybody is so open and everybody wants you to be part of their group. Everybody wants to meet new people because they don't know anybody in Austin either.”


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