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Texas transplant looking for the right woman to sweep him off his feet via billboard in Austin area

Jim Bays is taking the accidents out of dating with a billboard calling on the right woman. (Austonia)

Heads up, ladies, Jim Bays is single and he’s crowdsourcing the perfect woman to spend the rest of his life with via an eye-catching billboard located along highway 29 going west.

The billboard popped up in November with a picture of Bays, clad in a plaid button-down and cowboy hat, reading “Wanted: A good woman, 50-55ish, for talks & walks & mutual acts of kindness,” and will be up until at least the end of December, possibly through January.

“It's not like when you were in high school and it's easy to meet somebody,” Bays told Austonia. “How do you meet somebody that's on the same page? How do you create the number of accidents that need to happen in order for you to meet somebody that you really mix well with?”

Twice divorced with five kids ranging from 12-41, Bays said he’s tried dating apps but found that they “involved too much game plan,” didn’t accurately portray the other party’s personality and that it was hard to coordinate meeting up with potential matches.

Already getting a fresh start in Texas after moving himself and his business from Washington state in June, the 66-year-old spec builder and contractor gathered up the courage to put himself back out there in a big way.

Bays is busy, dating is time-consuming and putting up a billboard ad was a way to bring the matches to him without having to swipe.

“I'm glad that I've done it and believe me, it made my knees knock together,” Bays said. “I'm thinking about my picture on a billboard knowing full well that I'm going to get a complete range of phone calls.”

So what is a woman who calls in store for?

Bays lives in Georgetown and enjoys the space from bustling cities. (Laura Figi/Austonia)

First and foremost, potential matches need to know that Bays is married to his job to a fault. Bays likes to keep busy and encourages those around him to do the same—he put his daughters in dance classes to “keep them out of trouble”—so working six days per week is common for him.

His rigorous work ethic is what he attributes to the end of his second marriage, which lasted 19 years, saying they drifted apart since he was so often gone. Bays doesn’t plan on making the same mistakes again.

“I wanted to get them involved in something that taught them how to work hard and get to be good at something. It also took them away from me when I had an opportunity because my projects own me until I'm done,” Bays said. “I think what happened was, I got my kids and my wife too busy and then they didn't have time for me when I had time because they were busy.”

He’s also an athlete—Bays has been running and going to the gym since he was 19 years old, so fitness is important to him. Bays knows who he is and what’s important to him, so he thinks his next relationship is going to stick.

“I’m busy but we're not intended to go through life alone,” Bays said. “Anybody who doesn't believe that, all they have to do is listen to that something inside them that constantly seems to be nudging them to go find somebody special.”

What kind of woman is Bays looking for?

Bays's ideal woman is kind, understanding and in it for the longhaul. (Laura Figi/Austonia)

So far, Bays has gone on four or five dates resulting from his billboard ad. Though the five dates he’s been on so far haven’t been that spark yet, he said he’s optimistic.

Growing up with a mother from Georgia, Bays enjoys the hospitality the south is known for, so he positioned the billboard away from cities and high-traffic areas. Bays said his ideal soulmate is loving, kind, encourages him in his endeavors, forgives him of his mistakes and understands stress.

“Somebody that has a shoulder where I can just lay my head down or a lap that I can lay my head down,” Bays said. “Somebody who says, ‘Don't worry, you're going to get through this. It'll be fine.’ I'd love to find somebody like that.”

Bays said it best when he remarked that “a woman doesn’t want to marry a boy,” so he knows that what he brings to the table is equally important. Bays likes a strong-willed, independent woman but said she needs to be capable of admitting her faults.

“My first wife, I loved her to death and she loved me too, but we were two generals in the house, two leaders in the house. We were always butting heads because of that,” Bays said. “I think my first wife married a boy. She wanted a man but she married a boy.”

Bays is still on the lookout for the woman of his dreams. Don’t worry too much about the age range—Bays is just looking for a woman who is younger than him. If the man of your dreams is strong, well-off, a family man and busy bee, look no further.


Inside the Longhorns' $280,000 June recruiting weekend for marquee QB Arch Manning and eight other players.

💰 A shocking report Friday from Sam Khan Jr. at The Athletic (paywall), based on Freedom of Information Act requests filed with the University of Texas at Austin, documented a $280,000 football recruiting weekend for nine players, including NFL quarterback royal family scion Arch Manning. Of the nine prized potential recruits, five, including Manning, have committed to the Longhorns.

The next weekend, The Athletic reports, UT spent another $350,00 on 14 more recruits, for a total of $630,000.

Here's where the money went for weekend one. This is a partial list of expenses, totaling $221,808. The Athletic reported that the entire weekend cost "nearly $280,000."

  • $21,000 airfare, car service, other travel expenses.
  • $1,814 candy, cookies, and other snacks for recruits and family members.
  • $46,696 34 rooms at the Four Season, for recruits, family members, and selected UT coaches and staff.
  • $17,320 Friday lunch buffet.
  • $3,359 rented audio system for afternoon Instagram photoshoots.
  • $29,129 Friday dinner buffet at DKR club area for 100+ people: recruits/families, coaches/spouses, recruiters.
  • $11,880 J.W. Marriott pool bar tab for Friday night parent social, while recruits "hit the town."
  • $10,226 Saturday breakfast at the UT Club.
  • $9,498 Saturday afternoon parent social while recruits were at Top Golf.
  • $36,900 Saturday dinner at III Forks steakhouse
  • $2,357 sunset cruise on Lady Bird Lake
  • $31,629 Saturday night parent social at the W Austin hotel.
  • ? Sunday breakfast at the Sarkisians' Rollingwood home.

The result? After what one recruit parent described as a "five-star visit," Texas sits with the nation's #2 recruiting class, according to 247Sports Composite, with Alabama at #1.

These interiors look like a magazine cover, but eggersmann will create them for your Austin home

Eggersmann usa brings their European design experience to Austin. (eggersmann usa)

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If you’re not sure where to begin, eggersmann has plenty of inspiration to get you started.

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