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(Adam Eget/Instagram)

Business partner and other half to Austin's new comedy club Adam Eget took to Instagram to announce that he and metaphorical "brother" Joe Rogan are officially building a club at the One World Theatre.

This project has been a long time in the making for Rogan, who has been doing standup comedy since 1988. The podcaster has been planning to make his dream a reality since at least last August.

Eget has spent the past 11 years working at The Comedy Store, one of the most prominent comedy clubs in L.A., and said he is "incredibly sad" to leave his former gig but "unbelievably excited" to start this new project.

Though he shared little details about the upcoming project, Eget said they are building the club "from scratch."

"Trust me when I say that this club will be EPIC on every level," Eget said in the post.

Austonia first broke the news on Thursday after confirming rumors that had been swirling around the Internet. Read that exclusive report here.

Rogan has yet to comment.


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