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Joe Rogan is COVID positive, he said on his Instagram on Wednesday, postponing his weekend standup shows in Nashville and New Orleans.

The podcast giant, who has come under fire from national health officials for COVID remarks, says he experienced a fever and cold sweats on Saturday night after returning to his Austin home from Florida, where he performed a series of shows. He was tested positive the following morning. "I felt just run down," Rogan said.

To combat the virus, Rogan took various treatments—some of which are not recommended by health officials. A few days later on Wednesday, Rogan said, "I feel great."

Here's what he says he took:

  • monoclonal antibody infusion
  • ivermectin
  • prednisone, a steroid
  • a vitamin drip
Ivermectin is a deworming drug for horses. The FDA and Austin Public Health have both warned against using it, encouraging the public to get vaccinated instead.

The multi-million dollar podcaster has been a skeptic when it comes to the COVID vaccine. In an April episode, Rogan said he did not believe that people who were young and healthy needed to get a vaccine, later retracting the statement. And last month, on a podcast he said he believes COVID transmission would slow if individuals put in the effort to become "healthier."

He's also pushed back against the need for vaccine passports, refunding tickets to a New York show after vaccine requirements were put in place.


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