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Joe Rogan has been talking about opening a comedy club for years and plans to start in Austin. (JRE podcast/Spotify)

It's been almost six months since Austonia first reported Joe Rogan was buying the One World Theatre, a long-standing West Austin establishment that sits just a few minutes from his house, for his new comedy club. But Austonia has since learned he is taking the laughs elsewhere.

Sources tell Austonia Rogan's deal with the One World Theatre fell through and he is pursuing a venue on nightlife strip Dirty Sixth, where it would be surrounded by other bars and venues.

It doesn't look like he's closed a deal yet, but there are plenty of available properties he could be considering for his club that he says will be a comedy hub.

Some of the areas that are currently empty or unoccupied on Dirty 6th:

604 E 6th Street has no owner listed on the Travis County Appraisal District. (Laura Figi/Austonia)

There is little else to go by at the moment but keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for an announcement from the podcasting giant.

Since he first announced he was moving to the capital city last year, Rogan has said he has plans to open a comedy club in Austin. Rogan is going back to his comedy roots: He started doing standup at 21 years old in Boston, something he never intended to take pro. He has since gone back on standup tours this year with Dave Chappelle.

For his comedy club venture, Rogan pulled in Adam Eget to be his right-hand man. Eget formerly managed The Comedy Store, one of the most prominent comedy venues in Los Angeles. It's likely where he met Rogan, who was a staple at The Comedy Store for 13 years, starting in the 90s.

Eget confirmed the One World Theatre project on Instagram when Austonia first revealed it to the public, but took his post down almost immediately.

The full caption read, "I guess the cat is out of the bag. After eleven truly magical years at my home @thecomedystore I'm starting a new chapter and moving to Austin. While I'm incredibly sad to leave my family, friends and @thecomedystore family behind, I'm unbelievably excited to help build this new club from scratch with my brother @joerogan Trust me when I say that this club will be EPIC on every level. I can't thank @joerogan enough for this opportunity and @thecomedystore for making all of this possible. This has been the greatest decade of my life. I feel so blessed and can't comprehend how lucky I've been. I'm from LA and have lived here most of my life, so trust me when I say, I'll be back to visit often. Thanks to all my incredible friends and family who have supported me all of these years. I love you with all of my heart. I'll shut the fuck up now. #thecomedystore #austintexas #joerogan."

The two have not confirmed where the new club will be.



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