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JSX started its inaugural flights from Austin to Dallas this week. (Laura Figi/Austonia)

When you fly with JSX, you can travel from Austin to Dallas in just one hour, from the minute you set foot in the terminal to the minute you step off the plane.

Sound too good to be true? Everyone says that, according to JSX Director of Marketing Communications Benjamin Kaufman.

"It doesn't sound like a believable thing," Kaufman told Austonia. "There's this whole other world of the airport that none of us usually have access to."

JSX, a Dallas-based hop-on jet service whose name stands for "joyfully simple experience," started its first flights in Austin this week. Their mission is to bring the perks and convenience of private jets to the masses, without the membership fees and hefty price tags.

Here's a look at the inside.

Passengers enter the plane through a staircase that pops out. (Laura Figi/Austonia)

The semi-private jet service is a new category of air travel that dramatically reduces the time spent in airports by cutting out wait times, security and massive terminals. The planes fly out of private terminals, called FBOs, and

"It's not a private jet, it's semi-private flying for everybody," Kaufman said. "It's still accessible, it's affordable. It's basically bringing the perks that were once reserved for private jets and democratizing it so that more people have access."

You can arrive for your flight just minutes before it takes off, check two bags, keep your shoes on with JSX's non-invasive TSA-approved security swab system and enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee all the while.

"A lot of times customers don't even know that they've been through security but we swab every single bag—we look for trace explosives, metal detection, weapons detection, it's all done through thermal scanning and AI," Kaufman said.

Each JSX plane has been refurbished to seat 30 people, meaning passengers have ample legroom and don't have to sit next to anyone. Kaufman said the model makes it much easier for people with disabilities to travel and travel with pets.

Outlets near every seat allow you to charge your devices and once you're above 30,000 feet, coffee, tea, wine, beer and snacks are all provided at no extra charge.

Plus, the airline promises cleanliness. The aircraft has HEPA filters that recycle the air every 90 seconds, more often than a hospital; high-touch points are sanitized several times per day and the plane has an antibacterial and antiviral coating.

Right now, customers can only fly to Dallas out of Austin since the jet service is in the early stages of Texas expansion, but JSX has flights on the West Coast and Kaufman said there are a lot of cities they want to connect to Austin.

Tickets for a one-way flight start at $129 between private hangars at Austin Bergstrom International Airport and Dallas Love Field.



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