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Texas Football could once again face rivals Texas A&M if new talks on shifting to the SEC prove true. (Texas Football/Twitter)

It's been long enough that many University of Texas and Texas A&M fans have but a vague memory of the last big Texas football matchup in 2011, before the Aggies made a landmark shift to the Southeast Conference and the heated Lone Star State rivalry was put on hold.

But that rivalry could soon be possible once again, according to a report from the Houston Chronicle.

In the exclusive report, a "high-ranking college official with knowledge of the situation" told the publication that Big 12 giants Texas and Oklahoma had reached out to the SEC about joining the league.

School officials were less than eager to confirm the rumor.

UT told the Chronicle in a statement on Wednesday that "speculation swirls around collegiate athletics" and that they "will not address rumors or speculation." OU, meanwhile, said they "don't address every anonymous rumor" in a landscape that is "shifting constantly."

The schools weren't the only D1 powerhouses unhappy with the news. A&M Athletic Director Ross Bjork was frank in his disapproval of the potential move.

"There's a reason why A&M left the Big 12: the way the Big 12 was operating and the governance," Bjork said Wednesday, according to the Chronicle. "A&M is a flagship university, and with the size and scale of our place, we should have our own stand-alone identity in our own conference. That's why A&M's leadership left at the time (in 2012), and that's what we want to continue."

Bjork said that the university hadn't heard anything about the rumors, but that he hopes that the SEC looks at the "bigger picture" instead of just adding the two programs.

If three-fourths of SEC members vote "yes" to the move, the league would dramatically shift college football: the SEC would become the nation's first superleague in a time of upheaval including Supreme Court rulings and new name, image and likeness rights for players. A second Chronicle source told the publication that the traditional "amateur" model of play could no longer work for the NCAA in the coming years.

"Schools have worked so hard to hide the fact that the collegiate game is nothing but the NFL hiding behind the veil of education," the second source said. "You're going to see shifts happen like they've never happened before... but it's not going to happen for another three years."

The first source said that an announcement on the potential new SEC additions could come within a few weeks.



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