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Christmas is now only two days away! Due to the pandemic, many Austin residents are facing a holiday season unlike any other. Although some annual events are still in place, there are plenty of other ways to form new traditions for this year's Christmas.

Here are six fun things you can do while social distancing to feel the Christmas cheer:

Play virtual board games


Traveling is already a challenge during the holidays, but with the pandemic it's even tougher. If you and your family are choosing to stay close to home this year, consider playing virtual board games with out of state family members for a fun night in. This favorite holiday tradition might look different this year, but playing online games can be fun for the whole family and lets you avoid exposure to COVID-19. Trivia Royale, Song Quiz, Tabletopia and House Party are new multiplayer online games that can help you stay connected with friends and family. Even if you're a fan of classic games, you can play Scrabble, Monopoly or Game of Life online. Try playing a virtual board game this holiday season to form a new tradition for all family members, near or far.

Virtual fundraiser


Although holiday game nights can be fun and harmless, some families get a little more competitive. As an incentive, consider adding donations to a virtual fundraiser to your virtual game night as a way to stay connected with loved ones and give back to the community. Adding a sprinkle of competitive spirit to your holiday game night can turn into a tradition for years to come. When you start playing a virtual game, set rules on who will have to contribute to an online fundraiser. Whether you choose if the winner or loser has to donate to a fundraiser, set fun and creative rules by adding game privileges to those who donate.



​Since the pandemic hit, many Austinites have tried to master the art of cooking and baking. If you haven't become the baker of your dreams yet, the holiday season is the perfect time to try out new recipes and spice up your holiday desserts. Try making a unique holiday-themed dessert recipe this year to have your home smelling like cookies and feeling like Christmas. This activity is perfect for any family with younger kids or friends who are cooped up together during the holidays to add a new tradition to your holiday season.

Cruise through light shows

(Isabella Lopes/Austonia)

Annual beloved Austin events such as the Austin Trail of Lights and Mozart's Light Show are still happening this year, despite the pandemic and with added safety measures. Although these events are perfectly enjoyable while social distancing, try switching up holiday traditions by grabbing some hot chocolate and looking at lights from your car, for free. Families with children can enjoy this activity all holiday season and add a sparkle of Christmas cheer to anyone seeing lights around town. You can choose to visit a holiday event around town or drive through a decked out neighborhood to see streets filled with lights.

Binge watch your favorite Christmas movies


Holiday cheer can be spread in many ways, but nothing beats cozying up on the couch and watching your favorite Christmas movies with your loved ones. This year's Christmas already looks different than most, so no judgement if you want to spend the day eating your holiday-themed desserts and watching one Christmas movie after the other.

DIY projects

Adding a low-cost and family-fun activity to your holiday season might be just what you need after facing the challenges of 2020. Crafting is a fun activity to do with family and friends and can be an easy way to stay connected with family members. You can place a video call with family members from out of state and craft together, for a fun holiday experience with all your loved ones. If your family is competitive, try having a competition on the best craft in the house, or share the results on social media so your loved ones can choose a favorite. Check out these DIYs for a crafty holiday season.

This is part of a holiday series counting down to Christmas so make sure to visit Austonia tomorrow, as we reach one day until Christmas.


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