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The 144th pilot cadet class, shown above, is the most diverse in Austin Police Department history. (Joseph Chacon/Twitter)

The 144th police cadet class kicked off Monday, with 100 members and a reimagined curriculum after Austin City Council raised concerns about the training academy's paramilitary culture and high attrition rates. It's also the most diverse class ever.

"That is what we were striving for," Interim Police Chief Joseph Chacon said during a press conference Wednesday. "We were actively recruiting minorities because we need for our department to reflect the community that it serves."

So does this class reflect Austin's population? Here's how it stacks up across race, ethnic and gender lines.

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(Michael Saechang/Flickr)

First-time gun owners, women and Californians are driving high gun sales in Austin and Texas, according to local gun shop owners.

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The 87th Texas Legislature's regular session ended Monday, but state lawmakers will return to the Capitol for a special session later this year after failing to pass some of Gov. Greg Abbott's priority items. (Stuart Seeger/CC)

The 87th Texas Legislature's regular session—which Gov. Greg Abbott called "one of the most conservative legislative sessions our state has ever seen"—ended Monday. State lawmakers passed bills allowing the permitless carry of handguns, restricting abortion and limiting the teaching of "critical race theory" in public schools, overriding opposition from Democrats. They also passed bills drafted in response to local policy, including one that financially punishes large cities that cut their police budgets and another that bans homeless encampments.

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Fallen limbs caused thousands of outages Friday as Austin Energy continues to clean up power lines damaged by the storm. (Austin Energy/Twitter)

Just under 2,000 Austin residents are still without power as Austin Energy continues to fix outages after Friday's storm, and some power may not be restored until Monday.

Austin Energy said that tree trimming is continuing as fallen limbs and other storm damages caused 30,000 residents to be without power at its peak on Friday evening.

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