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Austonia and other Austin media did the dirty work and tried all of the local cuisine at Austin FC's Q2 Stadium on Thursday, June 6. (Claire Partain/Austonia)

Austin FC's home opener is just over a week away, and the chefs behind all of the local eats at Q2 Stadium are ready to showcase their cuisine.

From dumplings at Bao'd up to Austin FC's signature Verde Queso, Austin FC chef Sam Boisjoly said that the goal is to make anyone feel ready to grab a plate at the stadium. "If I had a friend that had a layover for three hours at Austin... if he came here, he would be able to see Austin," Boisjoly said.

Austonia's Claire Partain got a sneak peek at all the spicy, sweet and savory options soon to be offered at the stadium.

Here's what she thought:

Verde Queso: 8.5/10

(Claire Partain/Austonia)

Austin FC's signature Verde Queso was the winner of the club's queso contest, which featured dozens of entries from homemade cooks across the city. It'll be featured at the club's soon-to-be-famous Queso Fountain alongside a classic queso and fuego queso. The queso and salsa verde combine into a lovely Tex-Mex flavor with a kick. Topped with pickled onions and chopped pork, this is a far cry from regular stadium nachos. Prepare to come to Q2 hungry for this one.

Bao'd Up veggie bao: 9/10

I've never had bao before, so I was least prepared for what was inside these lovely, aesthetically-pleasing dough rolls. The trendy restaurant stuffs bao with anything from buffalo chicken to cheesecake, but I chose the veggie flavor to see what vegetarians may be able to try at Q2. Boisjoly said that people with any diet would enjoy food at the stadium, and he didn't disappoint: the veggie bao featured a lovely cream inside wrapped in a warm, doughy crust. Definitely a must-try for any attendee.

Valentina's Tex-Mex: 8/10

(Claire Partain)

The only reason this gets below a 9.5 is because they ran out of ribs before I could try it. I survived to tell the tale, and Valentina's other selection, a sliced brisket taco, did not disappoint. Featuring thick slabs of meat covered in a green sauce and wrapped in a fresh tortilla, Valentina's provides two Texas favorites—Tex-Mex and BBQ—into a joyfully delicious taco. The supporters' section will also have easy access to the truck, which is located nearby alongside a well-placed Dos XX booth.

Easy Tiger: 8/10

(Claire Partain)

Easy Tiger was given the task of providing Austin FC with a classic stadium pretzel, and they fulfilled expectations. The massive pretzels are just soft and salty enough to satisfy, and they're paired with equally yummy cheddar cheese sauce. The only drawback was the horseradish sauce, but that may just come down to personal preference.

T'Locs Sonora Dogs: 7.5/10

(Claire Partain)

What a combo: T'Locs Sonoran Hot Dogs combine savory, sweet, sour and spicy to form a truly excellent ballpark dog. Covered in multiple sauces, the meat is tender and juicy, but the true star of the show is their authentic Sonoran buns shipped in from Arizona.

DoubleDave's Pizza Rolls: 7/10

(Claire Partain)

DoubleDave's is featured on both ends of Q2 Stadium, and it's no surprise that stadium officials double booked Austin's signature pizza chain. As a frequent DoubleDave's customer, I was less starstruck by the rolls than other dishes, which is why it only receives a seven out of 10. Still, anyone looking for cheesy, pepperoni goodness should grab a pizza roll before any Austin FC match.

TacoDeli- 7/10

Tacodeli's frontera fundido sirloin taco was unfortunately the last I tried, which means I was only able to muscle down a bit. Still, the tender beef topped with signature salsa will be a satisfying and portable option for anyone at Q2 come game time.


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