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Podcast host and new Austinite Joe Rogan has officially shaken the dust off his new Texan boots and sold his former California home.

Rogan, whose show "The Joe Rogan Experience" is one of the most successful podcasts on Apple and Spotify, sold the 7,573 square foot mansion for $3.45 million, a good $250k over the asking price.

The deal further solidifies Rogan's move to Austin, where he has lived for over half a year. Rogan moved his podcast headquarters to an ultimate man cave-style studio last summer and hasn't looked back since, even going so far as to call the city a "utopia."

While Rogan is currently living comfortably in a luxe $14 million lakefront home on Lake Austin, what he's left behind isn't so bad itself.

Rogan bought his former Los Angeles home for $2.3 million nearly two decades ago when his claim to fame was working as the "Fear Factor" host.

Rogan's former French country style home featured five bedrooms and five bathrooms and sits on a 1-acre property overlooking the city lights on one side and rolling hills on the other. Complete with a glass balcony, plenty of outdoor courtyard space, a meditation atrium and a pool, the outside space is just as spacious and serene as the home itself.


The estate's backyard comes with a poolside view.

The estate's airy living area is accentuated by a massive wrought iron spiral staircase, while its chef's gourmet kitchen comes complete with a pewter island countertop imported from Paris.

The home also has some distinctly Roganesque aspects. As a former UFC commentator, Rogan decked out an at-home gym with plenty of boxing equipment, and a separate media room featuring a wet bar and pool table serve as a man cave retreat.

The home sold five months after it was listed, leaving Rogan and his Texan wife Jessica Ditzel free to cut their LA ties and live a new Austin lifestyle.


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