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​New IV service on wheels promises to cure your hangover so you can feel like a 'celebrity' tomorrow

Rolling RevIVal was based off of a number of other mobile hydration clinics around the country. (Rolling RevIVal)

Austin has a bustling party scene but it's no fun if you can't handle the aftermath. Whether you've got the hangover to end them all or your active lifestyle has left you drained, Rolling RevIVal is taking the cure to your doorstep.

The hangover you feel after a night of excess—whether your symptoms are fatigue, nausea, headache or sensitivity—is caused by dehydration, according to Rolling Revival owner Michelle Eades, and its best cure is through IV hydration.

The Rolling RevIVal shuttle, equipped with its own team of doctors, physicians assistants, registered nurses and paramedics takes banana bags, a potassium-rich intravenous solution, to groups of four or more to "kick your hangover's ass."

"We won't tell your mom what you did last night but we'll take care of your hangover," Eades said. "The real amazing thing is that hangovers are kind of like a thing of the past."

Eades, a licensed aesthetician, said she spent years working at a clinic on 6th Street and every year when SXSW rolled around, the clinic would lose all business for days because parking was nonexistent. Losing that much business was simply not doable, so Eades got to wondering how she could reclaim some of the money tourists were pulling from her pockets.

Austin's nightlife scene was thriving that same weekend, which meant hangovers would be abundant. Having used a banana bag before, Eades said she knew how much it helped and having it brought to you would be the best of both worlds. It's a niche and up-and-coming market—Rolling Revival is one of few hydration mobile clinics in the U.S., according to Eades.

Depending on the package you go with, Rolling RevIVal professionals will poke you with 1-2 liters of its IV hydration fluid and drop in some medication that suits your hangover, either for nausea or headache relief, which acts quickly since it is being delivered to you via IV.

The "Groupie" package starts at $139 and will have you back on your feet in 35 minutes or less, and the "Rockstar" package will have you back to normal in less than 40 minutes for $159 per person.

Eades said while running Rolling Revival she's met characters of all shapes, sizes and ages. Though she mostly does bachelor parties, Eades often treats parents at wedding parties, doctors and sometimes, people who just need a pick-me-up.

"Wedding parties are really fun because you get, like, grandma and all these partiers that you never knew," Eades said. "Like, 'Oh my God, I didn't know my uncle George was like such a party animal. He's definitely going to need an IV in the morning.'"

You don't have to be hungover to order the rolling hangover cure either—if you're planning on running a marathon soon, the company recommends hydrating one-to-two days before the big race. The "Marathon" package runs $169 per person.

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