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WANTED: San Jac Saloon is asking for its custom doors back

San Jac Saloon's outdoor doors were stolen a few weeks back. (Pedram Amini)

Have you seen San Jac Saloon's doors? Because co-owner Pedram Amini is offering a $500 reward to whoever can bring his missing custom-made treasure back.

It's the wild, wild west for the 300 East 6th St. bar, where Amini checked in over last weekend, in preparation for the first Longhorn football game, only to be told by his employees that the doors had been lifted a few weeks prior.

Desperate to get them back, Amini said he used his photoshop skills to design a flyer that he plans to post all-around 6th Street.

"It kind of feels like a personal hit to have this taken from us, you know, it's not a small item," Amini told Austonia. "I figure someone's got it and either they'll just come hand-in-hat and give it back or someone knows who took it and they'll take me up on the $500 offer."

There are two sets of saloon doors at the bar: a functional version on the interior and a decorative set that is put out during business hours to adorn the outside. The decorative set was stolen because they were likely left out one night Amini said.

Made by artist and friend Owen Trogden, who has created a number of pieces for the five-year-old bar, the doors hold a special meaning to Amini. He says he isn't looking for trouble, he just wants to be reunited with the pieces.

Trogden is a "classic cowboy," according to Amini. (Bunkhouse Art and Design)

The bar doesn't have any leads on who might have taken the doors, which Amini said are solid wood and easily weigh 25 pounds.

"To us, they're valuable but to anybody else, they're totally useless," Amini said. "One theory is that someone was just drunk, having a good time, they wanted to take a souvenir. I'm not looking to harm the person who stole these things—if I can get them back, that's great."

In fact, Amini hasn't gone to the police yet because he is hoping that a good samaritan will return them. Amini said he isn't ruling legal enforcement out but he is cautiously optimistic that the doors will make their way home.

"I know that (police) have got bigger fish to fry. It's just not really something that's going to be on their radar, nor should it be, they've got bigger priorities than my saloon doors," Amini said. "Worst case scenario, this will be more business for my buddy Owen. Maybe we'll improve on the design but in an optimal world, we'll get them back and it'll be a really fun story."

If you have any information about San Jac Saloon's missing doors, you can send them a message at


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