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Stormy weather is headed to the Austin area with snow expected Sunday, a weather advisory from the National Weather Service reports.

The storm is expected to hit Travis County early Sunday with the advisory in place until midnight the next day. Bastrop, Gillespie, Blanco and Hays counties will also be affected by the storm.

Temperatures will drop into the 30s tonight, with rain and possible snow into the morning.


Even with million-dollar campaigns, voters aren't going to the polls to vote on the controversial bill Prop A. (Austonia)

Both Prop A advocates Save Austin Now and opponents political action committee Equity PAC raised over $1 million in funding between Sept. 24 and Oct. 23 ahead of Austin's Nov. 2 election, but their efforts haven't yet been reflected in the polls.

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The Oakwood Cemetery is said to have souls roaming around. (Steven Joyner/Austonia)

As Halloween makes us second guess if that cold spot was a ghost or simply the cool front, keep your guard up because there are supposed haunted grounds in the city.

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Luxury car condos are in the works at Circuit of the Americas. (Lincoln Property Company)

Coming off of the heels of the biggest Formula 1 race to date, Circuit of the Americas now has plans to create luxury "car condos" for racecar enthusiasts right by the track.

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