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After Gov. Greg Abbott's executive order banned "vaccine passports" Tuesday, St. Edward's University has since announced it is altering its fall requirement of students requiring vaccination.

The private university in Austin had initially said students and campus employees would be required to receive the COVID vaccine for the fall semester; it was one of five universities nationwide to mandate a vaccine. However, several hours after the governor's announcement banning proof of vaccination, the university said it is loosening the requirement and students will have the option of declining proof of vaccination if they wish.

The governor's order ensures that no body of government can require COVID vaccinations or proof of vaccinations. No entity that receives government funds can require vaccination information either.

Private institutions, such as St. Edward's, are not required to follow the governor's order, however, the university does receive state funding for financial aid. The school told KXAN it would comply with the state order.


The birth certificate requirement under HB 25 goes further than rules from University Interscholastic League, which governs public school sports in Texas. (Getty Images/The Texas Tribune)

A bill that would restrict transgender student athletes from playing on school sports teams that align with their gender identity is heading to Gov. Greg Abbott's desk after the Texas House accepted Senate amendments to the legislation in a 76-61 vote Sunday afternoon.

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Formula 1's United States Grand Prix will take place in Austin from Friday, October 29-Sunday, October 31 in Austin.

Just weeks after music fest Austin City Limits, Austin will be host to another global event as the Circuit of the Americas hosts Formula 1's United States Grand Prix race for the first time since the onset of the pandemic.

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Austin FC is taking on Minnesota at home after a two-week hiatus. (Austin FC/Twitter)

With two weeks of rest, a dream team lineup and nearly 20 scoring attempts in the match, Austin FC could have come away with a three-match home win streak against Minnesota United on Saturday.

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