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'We are ready': Governor says State is prepared for incoming winter storm

State leaders are ensuring the public they are more prepared for this week's winter snorm after snow covered Austin and the Texas Capitol last February. (Bob Daemmrich)

As Texans brace themselves for another winter storm almost a year after last year's historic deadly storm, state leaders gathered on Tuesday to assure the public with ways that they have prepared for the weather to come.

Central Texas is expected to see a wintry mix of freezing rain and sleet on Thursday morning with freezing temperatures expected to reach a low of 20 degrees. Gov. Greg Abbott said the state is utilizing every applicable state agency to ensure it is not a repeat of last year, which saw millions in the state go without power, water or gas.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT, has projected that even at the highest demand for energy, it will have an excess of 15,000 MW of power on Friday morning.

However, it is not guaranteed there will be no power outages. While some outages can occur from ice or fallen trees on power lines, those are unrelated to the power grid. Mass power outages are controlled by ERCOT to protect the state power grid. "We are ready for this storm, we'll be prepared for this," an ERCOT leader said.

The Texas Department of Transportation has been preparing roads statewide for snow, sleet, freezing rain, and icy conditions since Sunday. Officials urged residents to stay off roads and if required, to check live driving conditions at

"There's no one skilled enough to drive at highway speeds in icy conditions... stay off the roads please," a TxDOT representative said.

The city and state are reminding the public to remember the four Ps of cold weather.

  1. Check on vulnerable people
  2. Bring pets inside
  3. Cover plants
  4. Insulate outdoor pipes and faucets
For local emergency alerts, click here.

"We urge our fellow Texans to be safe over the coming days. Just know that this team will be working around the clock to make sure we are getting the information needed to share with you so that you will be best prepared... to protect your families, homes, and lives," Abbott said.


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