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Rent in Austin apartments have risen 26% from January 2020-January 2021. (City of Austin/Facebook)

Austin's average rent jumped by 26% from January 2021-to 2022, with the highest increase in the state of Texas, according to a Zumper National Rent report.

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(Philip Taylor/Flickr)

Once a bargain-hunter's paradise, Austin's reputation as a cheaper California seems to be dissipating. But does money have more value in Austin when compared to other U.S. metros?

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Texas led states in growth in 2021, while Austin came in as the No. 16 city, according to a U-Haul study. (U-Haul/Facebook)

Like the original oil boomtowns of Texas past, it looks like Austin's "boomtown" status may be slowing down, according to U-Haul's 2021 data.

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