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austin city council

Austin City Council approves putting initiative potentially decriminalize marijuana on the May ballot. (Pexels)

Austin voters will officially be able to vote on decriminalizing marijuana after City Council approved an initiative for the May ballot on Tuesday.

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Interim Austin police chief Joe Chacon was/was not passed as Austin's next police chief on Thursday.

With a 9-2 vote, former assistant chief Joseph Chacon was confirmed as the new Austin police chief after a lengthy city council meeting on Thursday.

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The Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission approved a draft district map Sept. 15 that looks much the same as the current map. (The Austin Bulldog)

A member of the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (ICRC) contacted council members asking for their home addresses despite a charter provision prohibiting the ICRC from considering such information in its mapping process, according to emails obtained by the Bulldog through a public information request.

Four council members or their staffers replied providing home addresses: Alison Alter, Paige Ellis, Mackenzie Kelly, and Leslie Pool, according to the emails dated August 9th to Aug. 17.

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