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Early this year, Austonia acquired the long-dormant @austinist Twitter feed from New York Public Radio (@WNYC).

With leadership from prominent Austin journalist Omar L. Gallaga (@omarg), we brought Austinist back to life, trying to keep to the spirit of the original—tech, entertainment, culture, news and a wry approach.

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(Laura Figi/Austonia)

Put on your party hats—it's been a year since launched!

What a crazy year it's been, and we're glad we could be there for you every step of the way through a historic pandemic, election and winter storm.

On this celebratory day, Austonia is launching its membership program where you'll get some sweet perks for supporting us. We hope you'll celebrate one year by becoming a charter member today. Sign up here.

(Texas Parks & Wildlife Department)

Home to the Cathedral of Junk, Eeyore's Birthday Bash, Dirty Sixth and the Museum of the Weird, the Texas capital has earned its slogan, "Keep Austin Weird," which was coined by late native Red Wassenich in 2000.

The pandemic has temporarily closed some of these strange attractions, but the city's weirdness lives on. For new arrivals who are looking to understand Austin better, here is a field guide to some of the city's idiosyncrasies.

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(Emma Freer/Austonia)

My first day of work at Austonia was on Monday, March 9. By the end of that week, local officials had canceled SXSW and our small team was headed home to work remotely.

It was from our virtual newsroom—spread out across our respective kitchen counters, living room couches and home offices—that we launched a daily newsletter and, in early April, our website.

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