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biden administration

​$1 trillion infrastructure bill could mean funding for Project Connect, I-35 expansion and the airport

The White House reports Texas may receive $26.9 billion toward federal highway programs. (Austonia)

President Joe Biden signed the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill into law Monday, which is expected to provide funding for local public transit, roads and the airport.

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Texas, national politicians criticize Abbott's plan to 'eliminate rape' in wake of new abortion law

Gov. Greg Abbott drew criticism from saying he will "eliminate rape" in the wake of new abortion restrictions. (YouTube)

At a signing for Texas' newest voting laws Tuesday, Gov. Greg Abbott offered an ambitious—and perplexing—statement: in response to concerns that the state's newest abortion law would ban rape and incest victims from having access to abortions past six weeks, Abbott said he and the state would work to "eliminate rape."

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Q&A: The COVID treatment used by Gov. Greg Abbott is offered in Austin. Here's what it is.

Austin hosted an emergency antibody treatment center in east Austin from January-May to combat the deadly effects of COVID. It has since opened a new treatment center. (Austonia)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was diagnosed with COVID on Tuesday, joining 25,421 Texans who received their positive test results that day. He also joined the nearly 30% of at-risk patients that received antibody treatments as part of a growing movement that seeks to lessen symptoms and alleviate hospitals.

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