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Workers fight for a $15 minimum wage in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2016. (Fibonacci Blue)

Austin is one of the 25 least affordable U.S. cities for minimum wage workers—even if the minimum wage was bumped up to $15/hour, according to a study by

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Californians are moving to Austin in droves, affecting home prices in the area. (Shutterstock)

The San Francisco Chronicle is the latest publication to tackle the California migration, and it credits Californians moving to Texas for Austin's housing boom.

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Austinites will soon be able to train like some of Hollywood's biggest stars as F45, a fitness franchise backed by major celebs, like Mark Wahlberg and David Beckham, is on its way to Austin.

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Actors Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Haylie Duff and Becca Tobin moved from Hollywood to Austin during the pandemic. (Jamie-Lynn Sigler/Instagram, Haylie Duff/Instagram, Becca Tobin/Instagram)

As Hollywood film production studios follow big tech companies to Austin, three Hollywood actresses decided to move their families from Tinseltown to the Texas capital at the height of the pandemic.

As auditions and red carpet events were canceled or moved online, stars Becca Tobin, Haylie Duff and Jaymie-Lynn Sigler looked up and realized they had no need to be in the city they had moved to decades ago.

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