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The downtown tunnel, a key component of the $7.1 billion overhaul of the city's public transit system, is growing.

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Crews took soil samples along Guadalupe on April 22 in preparation for the forthcoming light rail lines included under Project Connect.

Since Austin voters approved a property tax rate increase to help fund Project Connect last November, the 13-year, $7.1 billion overhaul of the local transit system has moved full steam ahead.

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Leslie Cochran used to don his typical eccentric outfit in Austin. (Megan Ann/CC)

There's a reason Austin is known as that "blueberry floating in a bowl of tomato soup," even if the phrase was not meant to be taken as a compliment. "The People's Republic of Austin" has a history of doing things differently than the rest of the state sometimes.

Whether being thrown around by Texas' longstanding Republicans, like when Gov. Greg Abbott celebrated "getting out of the People's Republic of Austin," or embraced by Austin's leftward-leaning, the phrase was coined for Austin's stark departure from the values of the rest of the state.

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File photo (Capital Metro)

A Capital Metro MetroRail train hit a car at a North Austin crossing around 11 a.m. Tuesday morning. One passenger in the car has been transported to a nearby hospital, according to a statement.

The CapMetro team called for emergency services. A few customers were on the train and are being transported to their destinations.

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