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With 63 stories, 6 X Guadelupe is poised to become Austin's tallest tower. (6 X Guadelupe)

Facebook could be the first tenant at Austin's soon-to-be tallest building, the Austin Business Journal reported Tuesday.

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River Park, a new mixed-use development set in Southeast Austin, has released its first phase of plans. (River Park)

Tired of driving to North Austin to go to the Domain? The first phase of plans for River Park, the controversial up-and-coming mixed-use development nicknamed "The Domain on Riverside," has been released.
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The Pershing, the East Side's most tucked-away club, is at once exclusive and welcoming to its' "family" of around 350 members. (The Pershing)

A local musician, a comedian and a tech startup CEO all walk into a bar. It's not in a high rise or even on the new Music Lane like Soho House, instead, it's in an unassuming warehouse-like building built on an old home and lumber barn in East Austin.

The Pershing, a low-profile but highly-coveted luxury club tucked away on East 5th Street and Pedernales, is the watering hole of some of Austin's most famous creatives and elites. It's even been said to be the host of a certain business executive with a keen interest in cryptocurrency.

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"Now hiring" signs have become ubiquitous across Austin storefronts as businesses contend with a worker shortage. (Emma Freer)

Austin is facing a worsening worker shortage that spans industries and could prove more economically damaging than the pandemic.

In April there were 1.5 unemployed Texas residents for each advertised vacancy, according to the Texas Workforce Commission. This shortage is not unique to Austin or Texas. Instead, it's a "national economic crisis that is getting steadily worse," according to a report released by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce this week. The lobbying group found that there are approximately half as many available workers for every open job as there have been on average over the last 20 years and the ratio continues to fall.

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