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Continental Club reopens with Greyhounds and The Blues Specialists for the first time after lockdown

The Continental Club has been key to keeping Austin entertained since 1955, evolving and changing over time from a supper club to the city's first burlesque club to, finally, one of the most forward-facing live music venues. Its stage has been shared by world-renowned musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Replacements and countless local favorites.

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(Gary J. Wood/CC)

In scenes that look uncannily similar to the pandemic, the 1997 Hotel San José saw Austinites upon Austinites look Liz Lambert in the eye through a plexiglass screen and ask for a room for the night.

Lambert's newest documentary, "Through the Plexi-Glass: the Last Days of the San José," serves as a moving reprisal of her original, "Last Days of the San José." The documentary debuted at SXSW and tells the untold story of the San José, gentrification and how it led to her eventually leaving Bunkhouse Group, the hospitality company she created.

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(Video by Jordan Vonderhaar, Music courtesy of Bensound)

Native and adopted Austinites (those of us who have a few decades here under our belts) like to complain about how newcomers have changed the city, added to traffic woes, ratcheted up the cost of living and brought in shiny hotels and shopping centers.

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