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Even as positive COVID cases and new hospital admissions are on a downward trend, ICU capacity is at dire levels.

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Rainey Street continues to fill up with locals and tourists as Austinties grasp on to normalcy. (Austonia)

More than 100 people in Travis County have died of COVID-19 in the last four weeks. At the same time, for many in Austin, life feels back to pre-pandemic times.

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According to Austin Public Health, Mu has yet to be detected in Austin. (Levan/Adobe)

You've heard of Delta and P.1 but a new COVID-19 variant has landed in Texas: Mu, the newest variant that has made its way to four dozen countries and 49 states.

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After a month of teetering in the single digits for available ICU beds, the Austin metro that includes 2.4 million people, is reporting no staffed ICU beds available and four available pediatric ICU beds, according to state data updated Sunday afternoon.

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