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"Dirty 6th" is a sea of people every weekend, visiting its dozens of bars on the strip. (Marlon Giles/Flickr)

There are plenty of places to party in Austin, from the classic Dirty 6th to Rainey Street's tech hub to The Domain's eccentric collection of bars. With crime in Austin—and nationwide—on the rise, worries while drinking at night can take some fun out of your hangout.

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When Imani Williams woke up after a late-night UberEats shift, she found the $2,800 electric cargo bike she invested in was gone, despite locking the 75-pound bike and taking the battery inside the night before.

Williams is frustrated about how her case was handled after speaking with an Austin police officer. She says she wished the Austin Police Department had been more "efficient" in taking her report and had treated it with more urgency.

But her experience isn't unique. Several other victims of recent property crimes told the Bulldog that they too had difficulty making reports and were frustrated by a seeming lack of follow-up.

Read more at The Austin Bulldog.

19-year-old De'Ondre White has been charged with murder in the Sixth Street shooting that killed one, injured 14 others. (APD)

A month after a shooting on Sixth Street left 14 people injured and one dead, many of the details about the incident have yet to be revealed.

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The Peddler had four bikes stolen, a loss estimated at $15,000, stolen on Thursday morning. (Reddit)

At 3 a.m. Thursday morning, a group of thieves tied a strap from their truck to the doors of The Peddler, a bike shop on 5015 Duval St., and tried to pull the doors off the building, witnesses told Austin police. When the strap broke, they drove the truck through the door and stole at least four bikes worth at least $15,000 total, management said.

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