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Amid market crash, how is Austin's crypto and Web3 community holding up?


Lately, the crypto market is looking shaky.

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Buy bits of Bill Murray's life story with new NFTs from Austin company

Bill Murray is releasing stories of his life through NFTs with Austin company The Chive. (Nathan Congleton/Flickr)

Actor and comedian Bill Murray isn't a huge fan of technology—his cell phone is an eight-year-old Blackberry nicknamed "Bill Urry" because the "M" key is missing—but he's taking on the techie NFT sphere as a new, offscreen, form of storytelling with the release of 1,000 NFTs through Austin streaming company The Chive.

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Austin named one of the highest paying cities for a crypto career

A new study looked at best cities for a career in NFTs, the Metaverse and crypto. (Pexels)

Austin is one of the highest paying cities for a career in crypto with the average salary at $130, 349.

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