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Austin muralist Will Hatch Crosby was one of over a dozen local artists to team up with Austin FC through the ATXFC Artist Initiative. (Marshall Tidrick)

Austin muralist Will Hatch Crosby grew up watching his dad play in the Austin City League's "Legends" soccer game every year at Zilker Park. Decades later, he painted a mural for the city's first major league soccer team—and as if by fate itself, painted across the bottom was Austin FC's motto, "Grow the Legend."

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Pickleball, soccer and poker a just a few things that have boomed in the capital city.

Austin is way past its days as being known soley for live music.

With the unprecedented migration of Californians, city dwellers and more into the U.S's newest "boomtown," the city has quickly transformed and built on its preexisting "weird" reputation to become a city of many identities.

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"ATX Urban Art" will feature over 100 local artists keeping Austin's walls colorful, past and present.

You know Austin as the Live Music Capital of the World but local urban artist J Muzacz wants you to know the city as the “Urban Art Capital of the World.”

Austin has yet to be christened with such a title but Muzacz is hoping to make household names of local mural, mosaic, street and graffiti artists with a new book titled, “ATX Urban Art.” Muzacz and his team are less than $10,000 away from their $25,000 crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo.

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