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One of Austin's oldest and most historic venues is resurrecting with the goal of reinvigorating Austin's pandemic-battered live music scene.

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The couch is moving but you'll still be able to see it in Austin. (

Those three giant spuds that adorn the roof of Couch Potatoes, 10500 N Interstate 35 Frontage Road, are moving from their eye-catching highway spot to COTALAND, the Circuit of the America's new amusement park.

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Delta 8 is completley legal and seeing a wave of popularity in Austin. (CC)

You've probably heard of tetrahydrocannabinol, the active compound in cannabis, and CBD, the non-intoxicating relative of THC, but there's a new psychoactive chemical compound in town: Delta 8.

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Heads up Austin, festival season isn't over yet and coming up on the calendar is the first annual Texas Hemp Harvest Festival, which was approved today for its mass gathering permit by the Travis County Commissioners Court.

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