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(Austin Pets Alive!)

Actor, director and screenwriter Justin Theroux isn't the only famous member of his family. His canine companion Kuma made waves online this past weekend supporting Austin Pets Alive!—and Jennifer Aniston is a fan.

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You and your pup can enjoy a special happy hour at Austin Eastciders for International Dog Day. (Austin Eastciders)

If you've got a pup, you're in luck! This Thursday is International Dog Day, and Austin is the perfect city to be in to celebrate this special day.

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(Yard Bar/Instagram)

It's no secret that Austin loves its dogs—with the most dog-friendly restaurants per capita in one of the most dog-enthusiastic cities in the world, it would probably be harder to find a restaurant that doesn't allow dogs than those that do.

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Austin really, really loves its dogs, and don't think for a second the city's most famous don't have their own furry friends.

Here are the dogs of Austin's famous residents.

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