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Austin Texas residents line up in record numbers for early voting on municipal issues that will define the city's direction for years to come. (Bob Daemmrich)

With Election Day results tallied, Austin voted in favor of reinstating a ban on camping in certain areas of the city and maintaining the current strong-manager form of government after a contentious race, which saw eight ballot proposals and vociferous disagreement.

Proposition A, charter amendment regarding binding arbitration in firefighters' labor contract: 68.32% PASS

Proposition B, city Code amendment to reinstate restrictions on public camping: 57.7% PASS

Proposition C, charter amendment regarding office of police oversight: 62.8% PASS

Proposition D, charter amendment to move mayoral elections to presidential years: 66.5% PASS

Proposition E, charter amendment to create ranked choice voting for city elections: 58.4% PASS

Proposition F, charter amendment to change to a strong mayor form of government: 85.8% FAIL

Proposition G, charter amendment to add an 11th council district: 56.6% FAIL

Proposition H, charter amendment to adopt a public campaign finance program: 57.2% FAIL

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