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Austonia talked to crypto investors about steps they recommend for people who want to get involved. (Pexels)

Cryptocurrency was once an obscure way of handling money that seemed almost like a ponzi scheme or something bound to crash. Now, it’s everywhere. The digital money based on blockchain technology passed 100 million worldwide users in February and has seen growing interest in Austin and across Texas.

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Those who make $145k or more can be considered 'rich' in Austin, according to a Banking Rates study. (CC)

Make $145,000 or more in Austin?

Your bank statement may pale in comparison to fellow Austinites Elon Musk or billionaire Robert F. Smith, but anyone with that or more on their yearly salary checks can now classify themselves as wealthy alongside the elite, according to a recent study by finance media site Banking Rates.

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Texas football star Bijan Robinson is one of many athletes cashing in on new NIL laws. (Bijan Robinson/Twitter)

We’ve seen UT athletes making sponsorship deals with restaurants, retail and even crypto-created NFTs—and soon, a $10 million fund will help athletes further profit off of their name, image and likeness.

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