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Bad Larry Burger Club gained popularity for using a chute. to give burgers to customers. (Laura Figi)

Matthew Bolick used to hold the craziest parties when he lived on Larry Lane in East Austin, slinging burgers and good vibes, beers and joints, which were lovingly called "Bad Larrys" by friends.

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In Texas, ice cream is a must every time summer rolls around. With an abundance of cows and locally-grown produce, it is no wonder Texans love their ice cream so much.

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(De Nada Cantina)

Summer is finally here and Austin's food scene is following suit with fresh and vibrant specials, pop-ups and announcements. Uniquely-flavored ice creams, classic burgers fresh off the grill and new takes on classic dishes are the anthem for the new bites of 2021.

Whether you're spending the season by the grill, indulging in all kinds of frozen treats or trying out new things this summer, these new Austin restaurants have you covered.

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