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generation z

Trina Peck, James Ortiz and Aneesh Dhawan are Gen Zers pursuing their passions in Austin.

What do a cosmetology student from Idaho, a DJ from Houston and a Virginian startup CEO have in common?

Like thousands of others, they're part of a swarm of young people who wound up soul-searching in Austin—and as Gen Zers, they're all part of a new generation known for its social media savviness, focus on diversity and social issues and a rejection of traditional workplace norms.

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(Ariela Choiniere)

Ariela Choiniere, 16, is a member of the McCallum High School band.

Ariela Choiniere, a 16-year-old rising senior at Austin ISD's McCallum High School in Brentwood, is unsure how her summer will unfold.

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