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(Laura Figi/Austonia)

You've heard it from all over the web, from celebrities and the news—Austin is booming. From 2010-2019, Austin saw the largest percent growth out of all metro areas in the U.S., sharing the list with cities much bigger than The City of the Violet Crown.

Austin's growth has shown no sign of slowing, either. With major companies like Tesla and Google and influencers like devil's advocate podcaster Joe Rogan and Elon Musk, Austin is on the forefront of cities leading the boom.

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The Hustle, an Austin-based media company focused on business growth, has been acquired by software company HubSpot.

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(Gail Glass)

Gail Glass and her husband moved from California and love Austin. But they keep quiet about where they are from.

Gail Glass and her husband moved to Austin from the Bay Area in 2017 to be closer to their daughter, who is a professor at the University of Texas. Now in her 70s, she lives in the Mueller neighborhood, which she likes because it reminds her of California, with its transit-friendliness and liberal politics, but without the high prices.

Glass has found Austinites to be welcoming—but she also learned not to mention where she moved from.

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(Texas Parks & Wildlife Department)

Home to the Cathedral of Junk, Eeyore's Birthday Bash, Dirty Sixth and the Museum of the Weird, the Texas capital has earned its slogan, "Keep Austin Weird," which was coined by late native Red Wassenich in 2000.

The pandemic has temporarily closed some of these strange attractions, but the city's weirdness lives on. For new arrivals who are looking to understand Austin better, here is a field guide to some of the city's idiosyncrasies.

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