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Members of the House Democratic Caucus attend a press conference on the opening day of the special session at the Texas Capitol on July 8, 2021. (Sophie Park/The Texas Tribune)

By Alexa Ura and Cassandra Pollock

Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives plan to leave the state and fly to Washington, D.C., Monday afternoon, according to sources with knowledge of the plan, in a bid to again deny Republicans the quorum needed to pass new voting restrictions with 27 days left in a special legislative session called largely for that purpose.

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The Texas Legislature will convene for a special session on Thursday at 10 a.m. (Stuart Seeger/CC)

State lawmakers will reconvene at the Texas Capitol on Thursday morning for a special session, where Gov. Greg Abbott has asked that they prioritize 11 issues not passed during the regular session, which ended May 31.

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Texas Legislature staff members have taken to social media to raise awareness—and also just air their misfortunes—following the summer special session announcement and their own defunding.

In a game-seven-type move by Texas Democrats, the 87th Texas Legislative session was capped off by a last-minute walkout to avoid a final vote on a bill that would add restrictions to voting.

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(Jordan Vonderhaar/The Texas Tribune)

By Patrick Svitek

Gov. Greg Abbott said Monday he would veto the section of the state budget that funds the Legislature hours after a Democratic walkout killed his priority elections bill.

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