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Austin-area OnlyFans creators were left reeling after the app banned explicit content and later suspended the ban in the span of a week. (Shutterstock)

Austin-area resident Hannah likes to say she's an accountant in two ways: she's finishing up her master's in accounting, but she often uses the euphemistic term to describe her role as a creator on subscription site OnlyFans as well.

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The Pershing, the East Side's most tucked-away club, is at once exclusive and welcoming to its' "family" of around 350 members. (The Pershing)

A local musician, a comedian and a tech startup CEO all walk into a bar. It's not in a high rise or even on the new Music Lane like Soho House, instead, it's in an unassuming warehouse-like building built on an old home and lumber barn in East Austin.

The Pershing, a low-profile but highly-coveted luxury club tucked away on East 5th Street and Pedernales, is the watering hole of some of Austin's most famous creatives and elites. It's even been said to be the host of a certain business executive with a keen interest in cryptocurrency.

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Texas has the fourth-most attractions of any other state for road tripping fun. (CGP Grey/Flickr)

Flights may be in high demand, but just as many people are taking to the road as they look for their first post-COVID vacation this summer.

For those in Texas, road-tripping may be easier than you'd think: the state was ranked second-best for road-tripping this summer in a WalletHub study. According to the personal finance site, over two-thirds of people in the U.S. are taking a vacation this summer, and 59% of people said they'd rather drive than fly.

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Actors Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Haylie Duff and Becca Tobin moved from Hollywood to Austin during the pandemic. (Jamie-Lynn Sigler/Instagram, Haylie Duff/Instagram, Becca Tobin/Instagram)

As Hollywood film production studios follow big tech companies to Austin, three Hollywood actresses decided to move their families from Tinseltown to the Texas capital at the height of the pandemic.

As auditions and red carpet events were canceled or moved online, stars Becca Tobin, Haylie Duff and Jaymie-Lynn Sigler looked up and realized they had no need to be in the city they had moved to decades ago.

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